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We are a "Registered Yoga School" at the 200 hour level (RYS-200) with Yoga Alliance.

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Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program

  • Our Mission is to train qualified Yoga instructors that can safely teach asanas and other Yoga practices and can inspire their students to seek and discover their inner selves.

  • We have been offering Yoga Teacher Training in Hudson since 1982, and first became registered with Yoga Alliance in 2005. Our certification will qualify a graduate to become a "Registered Yoga Teacher" at the 200 hour level (RYT-200). Many of the area's most experienced Yoga teachers have trained with us, and many teachers that have been certified elsewhere choose to continue their studies with us.

  • Our senior instructors have are each have over 40 years experience in teaching Yoga and Mediation and have been trained in a variety of Yoga traditions. They hold the highest level of registration from Yoga Alliance, an E-RYT-500.

  • One of the unique features of our program is that you can start at any time. You don't need to wait for the next semester to start. It is more like a Yoga Teacher apprentice program than most teacher training programs.

The standards for certification and registration can be a bit confusing at first, and you may not need to become registered with Yoga Alliance in order to teach Yoga. Click here for complete definitions of the Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Designations (RYT, E-RTY, etc). We'll be happy to discuss this with you before you start the program.

This is a complete program for the serious student who would like to learn more about philosophy, teaching methods, and various advanced areas of Hatha Yoga and classical Astanga (Raja) Yoga. This is an ONGOING offering for our local students, it is NOT available as an intensive program for out-of-towners.

However, you don't need to be looking for certification to join us. We would be happy and honored if you are already a Yoga teacher or a serious student that would like to join us regularly or occasionally. In many ways, this group also serves as "continuing education" and a "Yoga Teacher Support Group".

This is definitely not a "quick-certification" program - quite the opposite. We stress that you must learn to live Yoga before you can teach it. Student teachers are expected to have a daily Yoga practice, and attend classes in Hudson with us, and at other places regularly during training. Most students will take one to two two years to complete the certification requirements, but there is no rush. You are welcome to take longer. We often say that two hundred hours of Yoga teacher training isn't enough to become a good Yoga teacher. The good news, it is enough for you to get a solid foundation and begin to teach safely. Then you can start getting experience as a teacher, and continue deepening your own practice and your study of teaching.


Prerequisites for our Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program

When you join our program, you must already have a backgound in Yoga. We suggest the following:

In addition, you will need to complete an application form which includes an essay on why you want to learn to teach Yoga. Don't worry, we seldom turn away an applicant. If you are short on the prerequisites, it may take you extra time to become certified.

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Secrets to the Easiest and Most
Effective Meditation Technique
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We practice and teach the classical eight‑limbed Astanga Yoga
(a.k.a. Raja Yoga)
as codified by Patañjali
in the Yoga Sutras.
  1. Yama
  2. Niyama
  3. Asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Pratyahara
  6. Dharana
  7. Dhyana
  8. Samadhi

Schedule and Attendance Policy
for our Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program
‣ You can start at any time!

By "starting at any time" we mean that you don't have to wait for a new semester to begin. You can start at anytime except during our Sunday morning summer break in July and August. We encourage you to start in the summer on Tuesday nights, or either class in September, but you can start anytime. We meet at the Old Church on the Green in Hudson on every Sunday from September through June from 10:30 am until 12:30 pm, and/or every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We occasionally have optional programs at other times. It is not required that you attend every session, but for those seeking certification, a commitment to come regularly is expected. You will be required to make up missed classes, so the more often you come, the faster you can be certified. We also suggest that trainees come to our Sunday morning meditation class/practice at 9 am.

Our usual schedule for Yoga Teacher Training:

  • 1st Sunday and 1st Tuesday of the month: Anatomy plus one hour of asanas & other practices
  • 2nd Sunday and 2nd Tuesday of the month: Philosophy plus one hour of asanas & other practices
  • 3rd Sunday and 3rd Tuesday of the month: Teaching Methodology plus one hour of asanas & other practices
  • 4th Sunday and 4th Tuesday of the month: Special 2 hours of asanas & other practices
  • 5th Sunday and and 5th Tuesday of the month: Make-up class or special topics
  • Click Here to see our calendar with our current class schedule.

Fee Structure
for our Yoga Teacher Training & Certification Program

For a Yoga Teacher certification program, our cost structure is one of the most affordable that we have seen. We will not turn any sincere students away because of financial need. We have this program because many of our students have requested it, and we find it very satisfying to share what we have learned. This is the same reason that we offer our other classes.

You may pay in advance, or pay-as-you-go. If you pay in advance, the cost is $1400. This will save you about $1000 compared to the pay-as-you-go option. Both options are very inexpensive compared to other programs that we are aware of. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.

  • Registration Fee: suggested donation - $200 (this may be paid after attending a few Sundays to see if you like our format. Also, it is not required if you are already an RYT and just want to come for continuing education.)
  • Weekly sessions: suggested donation - $20 (this is waived for graduates of our program who volunteer teach in our programs). It will take about 50 weekly sessions to become certified.
  • Certification Fee: suggested donation - $200

Other Yoga teachers that have studied elsewhere are encouraged to continue their studies by dropping in anytime and paying the weekly seesion fee. We also hope that our student teachers and recent graduates will contribute to our efforts by teaching and/or substitute teaching an occasional class. What you give (and what you get) is really up to you!

To be certified as instructors in Hatha Yoga, students will complete: over 220 hours of special teacher training classes; a practicum in student teaching; extensive reading; and pass written, oral, and practical examinations as required. Certification should take about 12-24 months, depending on how much experience you have had. We also offer qualified students a certificate after completing 100 hours, but this will not enable to you to register with Yoga Alliance.

We have offered Yoga teacher training in Hudson since 1982. Instructors are Larry Terkel, E-RYT-500, Matt Lerner, E-RYT-500, with occasional assistance from the staff of the Hudson Yoga Center. While Larry and Matt do NOT earn their livings teaching Yoga, each has over 40 years of Yoga teaching experience. We support Yoga Alliance's efforts to set standards, foster integrity, provide resources and uphold the teachings of Yoga.

Larry Terkel, E-RYT-500                     Matt Lerner, E-RYT-500
Larry Terkel, E-RYT-500                      Matt Lerner, E-RYT-500  

Important Links for Yoga Teacher Trainees:

A group of Yoga Teacher Trainess celebrates With Matt and Larry when Chris Rigby receiving her Yoga Teacher Certification
A group of Yoga Teacher Trainess celebrates with
Matt and Larry when Chris Rigby received her Yoga Teacher Certification:
Alan, Randall, Sandy, Matt, Chris, Larry, Valerie, Donna, Debbie, Marcia, & Mary

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